Honors Algebra 2: Systems of 2 Linear Equations Word Problems Worksheet 2

Calculator Active. Answer to the nearest hundredth where appropriate.
  1. A trip of 1810 miles was made partly on a bus traveling at an average rate of 40 mph and partly on an airplane traveling at an average rate of 500 mph. The time spent on the plane was 2 hours longer than the time spent on the bus. Find the time spent on the plane, and the time spent on the bus.
  2. Of a total of 500 sheets, some were classified as irregular and the others were classified as seconds. The irregular sheets were sold for $2.50 each and the other sheets were sold for $4.00 each. A total of $1820 was received for the 500 sheets. How many sheets were seconds?
  3. A certain theater charges $5.60 for each adult and $2.40 for each child at all performances. One day, a total of $1392 was collected for a matinee performance. At the evening performance, when twice as many adult tickets were sold and half as many children's tickets were sold, a total of $1704 was collected. How many adults and how many children attended the matinees?
  4. A plane that's airspeed is 180 mph travels 500 miles with a tail wind in the same time that it travels 400 miles against the same wind. Find the speed of the wind.

In each of the following problems, the original number is a positivetwo-digit integer. Find the number.

  1. The sum of the digits is 8. When the digits are interchanged, the resulting numeral exceeds the original number by 18.
  2. The sum of the digits is 10. The original number is 2 less than 3 times the number with the digits reversed.
  3. The units digit is 1 more than twice the tens digit. When you reverse the digits, you get a number that is 7 less than 8 times the sum of the digits.
  4. The tens digit is 5 more than the units digit. If the number with the digits reversed is added to the original, the result is 143.

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